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I Made A Blog

After the week I've had I needed somewhere to let some stuff out and I have an account here so I thought I'd just make another blog. I had a livejournal one a long time ago and I looked back... Continue Reading →

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This Week: March 12-16

Monday: Work of course. Made nachos for snack and by made, I put chips on plates while the bags of cheese warmed in the oven LOL It snowed. It started snowing when I pulled into work and I was hoping I... Continue Reading →

This Week: March 5-9

Monday: This was spring break week for the school. We had to work, though, but that was okay as we got paid time and a half 🙂 I will be getting a nice paycheck next week. Half will go into savings... Continue Reading →


Weekend Edition! March 3rd and 4th

Yesterday, Saturday, I took Grammy to the doctor in the morning as her back was still bothering her. They didn't really do anything. Today, Sunday, she is feeling better. She even managed to sleep in her bed last night so... Continue Reading →


This Week: Feb. 26-March 2

After re-reading this post, I am a bit bitchy in it LOL but its my blog and I can bitch if I want to 🙂 Monday: First full week back to work. I go in early now to prepare snacks. This... Continue Reading →


This Week: Feb. 19-23

Monday: Still feeling a bit sick. Stayed home and rested more. Did get out of house and do a few errands. Tuesday: Feeling better but still had the day off from work 🙂 I took Grammy back to the ER for a... Continue Reading →


This Week: Feb. 12-16

  Monday: I started doing snack prep this week. So I arrive at 2, Monday-Wednesday, which is nice as I get a little extra money for it. I made nachos...and by made, I put a handful of nacho chips on... Continue Reading →


This Week: Feb. 5-9

Monday: Was still feeling a bit off but better than I had over the weekend. Went to work and got to remind the kids that they still do have a seating chart. Two boys put up a fuss, one because he's... Continue Reading →


This Week: Jan. 29-Feb. 2

Nothing much happened this week. Worked like normal. Although, the kids did get a seating chart. They have not been making the most of their study hall time. It gets too chatty in the room, too much giggling over nothing,... Continue Reading →


This Week: Jan. 23-26

I am writing this while also participating in my online class...two windows open. Monday: Had to run to the eye doctor before work because I thought I had cut my eye. My bottom eyelid was feeling a little puffy and spasming.... Continue Reading →


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