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I Made A Blog

After the week I've had I needed somewhere to let some stuff out and I have an account here so I thought I'd just make another blog. I had a livejournal one a long time ago and I looked back... Continue Reading →

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This Week: Sept. 18-22

Monday: Worked on some assignments for my online class as well as worked on some writing. Tuesday: Counselor Appointment and my mom and sister came into town. This first night was alright. No drama. Wednesday: I have an interview for... Continue Reading →

A Digital Story I Made

So this is something I did for my online class. We had to show proficiency in a technology. I chose WeVideo and made a digital story based on the children's book We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen. I made a Star... Continue Reading →

This Week: Sept. 11-15

Over the weekend, I decided to procrastinate doing my school work! LOL Grammy has been on my for a while to clean out my closet so I did. Managed 6 bags of clothes and old toys to the goodwill.... Continue Reading →

This Week: Sept. 4-9

Monday: Labor Day. Tiffany and I hung out and went to lunch. We then managed to catch a pokemon raid before picking up a book for my little cousin. After this we headed to Carytown were a new stand has... Continue Reading →

This Week: Aug 28 – Sept 1

I'll start with the weekend first. Last Saturday, Grammy and I went to a Mormon church! We were so tickled to be there LOL My cousin Jon was being awarded his Eagle Scout. It was a nice little ceremony. Food... Continue Reading →

This Week: August 21-25

Monday: I had a pity interview at a middle school. I say pity because after a week of me trying to get in touch with the VP after she called me to set up an interview, I finally go a... Continue Reading →

This Week: August 14-18

Had a nice time last Saturday at my Uncle Mike's for a family cookout. It was my cousin's birthday. The food was good and I enjoyed talking to my cousins. Sunday, I woke up feeling bleh and my sinuses were... Continue Reading →

This Week: August 7-11

Monday: Grammy fell 😦 I had gone out early and up the street to CVS to get some things Grammy needed while I would be at work that day and then picked up some breakfast. I got home about 8:45. Grammy... Continue Reading →

This Week: July 31-August 4

Monday: My supervisor person from work called and I am now back on the schedule. yay! I will be working MWF except for next week where I'll work Thursday instead of Wednesday as the kiddos are going on a field... Continue Reading →

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