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I Made A Blog

After the week I've had I needed somewhere to let some stuff out and I have an account here so I thought I'd just make another blog. I had a livejournal one a long time ago and I looked back... Continue Reading →

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This Week: Aug. 13-17

This isn't going to be my normal, what happened this week post. I did work and got the house ready for puppy. I bought a new cube shelf and put it up and decluttered the living room. And I did... Continue Reading →

This Week: Aug. 6-10

This week I worked 2-6. Didn't do much at work besides watch the kids. We did make rainbow cupcakes Tuesday and I was on my feet all four hours I was at work. Got home and collapsed on the couch.... Continue Reading →


I'm so so so ready to give notice at work. I know two weeks is standard but the school year has not even started yet and they have known for months that I've been applying to other places. Hell, they've... Continue Reading →

This Week: July 30-Aug.3

Worked 12-5 this week. Most of work was taking my group of kids to their camps: hour of bricks for kids, hour of an engineering thing, then downstairs for snack and watching them until it was time to leave. I've... Continue Reading →

Weekend Stuff: July 27-29

Alright, so this weekend was supposed to be Raleigh Con with Eleni. Eleni is sadly sick and despite my bugging her to see if she was feeling well enough to drive down with me Saturday, looks like that is a... Continue Reading →

Last Week and This Week: July 16th-27th

I keep getting behind with this LOL so I'll just do last and this weeks together. Worked everyday last week 12-6. Had a rough start to the week, depression wise. Feeling a bit better. I updated You Are Beautiful. I... Continue Reading →

A Rant

I need to get this out b/c I'm sitting here trying not to cry. I know having any type of dog isn't easy. I know this. This is just going through my head right now. I want a puppy. I... Continue Reading →

This Week: July 9th-13th

Worked Monday through Thursday this week. Didn't have a whole lot to do at work. The kids come back from their activities and are basically self sufficient. They play video games, color, run around outside, play with legos, etc. We... Continue Reading →

Weekend Edition July 7th-8th

Saturday had my belated party with my friends. Each year I rent the party room at the local movie theater. This time was no exception although my group and I now know we're probably the only adults that rent that... Continue Reading →

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